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Date: April 13, 2017
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Welcome 2017 CFE writers. For those of you writing in September, it’s time to get started with your exam/study prep. You have a solid 5 months before the CFE. 

Here’s a play by play list of what you should be doing for the coming months…

April: your goal during this month is to write two day 3 cases (short Multi competency ones) and get started on your technical/theory studying if you haven’t already done so. This includes all competencies. Even those that aren’t part of your “role Day”. Because essentially you will need to “know it all” for the exam. You can put 10-15 hours of study time per week. 

May: Capstone I begins mid month. So before the workshop you want to aim to write another two day 3 cases. This is simply to boost your confidence and get into the swing of things. And also to tell your colleagues that you’ve been writing :). During the first two weeks of May, you’ll have to prep for Capstone I. Don’t worry too much about “getting it right”. Just do your best and once you attend the workshop, things will become clear to you. 

This means you’ll be writing one case each week. Once your workshop begins, you’ll be busy with Capstone I and group work. So use the rest of May for this. 

During the month of May you’ll have to continue to study your technical/theory. Again, 10-15 hours per week should suffice. 

June: June is a heavy month. You have Capstone I and your personal deadline to study all your technical first round is by July 1st. So June will be crunch time for you. When you set personal goals, it allows you to mitigate the anxiety and stress from cramming during the last month. So make sure you create a schedule/goals and deadlines and stick to them! And as I always say to my students- pace yourself and you’ll never feel behind. Keep in mind that anxiety and stress are the number cause of failure. So be mindful of this. 

Take as much time as you need to study your technical during the month. 

You also want to keep up with case writing because this is ultimately what’s on your exam. So I recommend that you write at least one case each week. You can mix it up with a day 2 and a day 3 case. 

Stay tuned for “The  final months”…July, August and September. 

Good luck and happy studying. As always, email or send me a quick message with questions. Most of you like to private message me. But your questions can help others. So please feel free to message me directly on this blog.


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