Date: January 8, 2018
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​So you’ve heard numerous times that you need to prepare a plan/outline sheet for all your cases. There are two ways to plan: Paper or Computer.

Planning on paper will allow you to see each required and issues within the required during the time you draft your response. You can scribble timelines and org charts. You can also easily rank your issues by numbering them. Also, divide the sheet into four quadrants. Each quadrant is for a required. At the top of your page you can include your role and the actual time start/finish. Basically, any “other” items. The bottom of your sheet is where your timeline goes.

Planning on a computer will speed things up if you’re an efficient writer. You can set up your response with headings as the required and sub headings for the issues. You can then begin writing your response under each heading. This can save some time.
It is a bit difficult to rank and go back and forth on a computer plan.
I like to plan on paper because I can visualize things better on paper when its right in front of me.

If you are using a paper plan/outline, Do NOT use more than one sheet of paper to plan a short case (multi).

Finally, don’t forget to prepare a plan/outline sheet. This is the backbone of your response.

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