New Year, New You!
Date: January 5, 2019
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Those holidays sure did fly by. If you weren’t successful on the 2018 CFE I hope you took some well deserved time off from the whole thing. January is time to start again. Here’s some things to think about.

What went wrong:
​You need to figure out why you did not succeed. I know you received a brief breakdown on where exactly you did not succeed. But you still don’t know WHY you missed it. Reflect and review. Don’t worry, as you write cases and get some feedback, it’ll help you to hone in on what specifically went wrong.

What to do:
You have mental and leg work to do. You need to figure out a game plan for 2018. That’s your only task for this week. Specifically, you should figure out what sort of coaching program you’ll be enrolling in, what your study schedule will look like starting this month, how much study time to take off before the exam, which technical notes you’ll use to study, how many cases to write, which ones and finally how you’ll execute your plan.

Take your time because these are big decisions that can be critical to your success. I understand that there’s a lot of pressure. But in time, it’ll get easier. If you’re having trouble making decisions, feel free to email me. Many of you have reached out to me already and I hope I was able to address your questions. I love hearing from candidates.


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