How to format and prepare your Exhibits/Appendices
Date: January 15, 2019
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When preparing quants, it is easy to get lost in the details. Make sure you use some of the time allocated to actually think of what your analysis will entail.
The main components of a quantitative analysis are as follows:
Label: Exhibit/Appendix I,I,III etc
Purpose: Here you will indicate what exactly you’re responding to or attempting to achieve.
For example, if the client or the required asked you to prepare a business valuation and you are required to normalize earnings/net income in order to determine the purchase price, you will draft your purpose as follows:
To normalize earnings as provided by ABC Co. and determine the revised net income and calculate the purchase price using the earnings multiplier of 3-4 (if this is provided you would add this).
Analysis: Here you will include your actual analysis and be well organized. Label your notes and list/state all your assumptions. Make sure you make it easy for the marker to give you marks. If you are disorganized, it will be frustrating for the marker to mark your response.
Conclusion/Recommendation: Here you will link back to your purpose and respond to the question/required. Let’s continue to use the above exam as follows:
Based on my analysis above re the valuation of ABC Co, the purchase price will be $$$.
Note- Your conclusion does not have to be extensive in excel. Make it brief and concise. You will elaborate this in your word doc.

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