The balance between Technical, Theory and Case writing
Date: January 30, 2019
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This is around the time where you begin  your first round of technical studying. You should complete all the hot tested technical topics for each competency area. Remember what I always say- CFE is not a purely technical exam. It is testing the application of your technical knowledge for all 6 competency areas. No matter what your role day is, you still have to demonstrate competence and pass all 6 areas in order to obtain your designation. So do NOT neglect any of the competencies.

Having said that, let’s talk about case writing, which is the second most important component of this exam.

Don’t neglect case writing while you’re too busy getting caught up with technical. If your case writing skills are weak, you risk not achieving complete/competent marks for your response.
My Mantra when it comes to case writing: practice makes perfect and my second Mantra: slow and steady wins the race.

The more you write, the more confidant you will feel. Eventually you’ll work your way up with the right guidance and succeed. Often times, students tell me that they want to study all of their technical notes and practically memorize it before they even begin case writing. This is a classic comment I receive.

My response: Do NOT do that! Work on everything concurrently. Both are equally important. You need to bite the bullet at some point. Better to do it earlier in the process and practice rather than waiting until it becomes too late. Studying technical is easy. Someone somewhere at some point has already taught this to you in Undergrad. So its all revision. But case writing isn’t as easy. To apply the knowledge with case facts requires time and a ton of effort.

So find that sweet balance in your study schedule and implement good habits 🙂

Lecturer, teacher, coach and called the CFE Guru. Narmin has been helping candidates successfully complete their professional exams since 2006.


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