Passing profile and levels explained for the CFE
Date: June 15, 2019
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Level 1- passing at level 1 means you have achieved a sufficient number of RC’s and C’s across the 2 days of the CFE.

Level 2- passing profile at level 2 means that you’ve achieved DEPTH on Financial Reporting (FR) OR Management Accounting throughout the 2 days of the CFE. Keep in mind that you will need to achieve DEPTH in FR for licensure.

Level 3- passing profile for level 3 is to achieve DEPTH on your ROLE on Day 2 of the CFE.

Level 4- passing profile for level 4 is to achieve BREADTH on the CFE. Typically this is achieved on day 3 of the CFE

If you fail at any of the above levels, you will fail the CFE day 2/3 and will need to rewrite both Days 2 and 3.

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