CFE Guru Self-Study System

A Complete 13-Module System to Help You Effectively Prepare for and Pass the CFE Exam

What is the CFE Guru Self-Study System?

Discover an Effective System to Pass the CFE Exam

CFE Guru

Are you confused about the CFE and do NOT know where to begin and how to write a case concisely?

CFE Guru

Are you struggling with your technical studying and do not know where to begin and how to get organized?

CFE Guru

Are you slow at reading/outlining and writing cases?

CFE Guru

Are you struggling with preparing quants?

CFE Guru

Are you struggling with time management?

CFE Guru

Don’t know how to achieve Depth and Breadth across competencies?

CFE Guru

Are you overwhelmed with information provided in the case and don’t know where to begin?



Think Like a CFE Marker

The CFE Guru Self-Study System focuses not only on what to write, but how to approach the problem, how to structure your response, and how to overcome any weaknesses early. Learn how to think, debrief and mark your cases like a CFE marker.


Know Exactly What to Expect

It’s not enough to be technically competent — you need to be mentally prepared. The CFE Guru Self-Study System guides you through each day of the CFE, how it is marked, what the passing profile looks like and the strategies you need to write a competent response and excel.


Get Ready to Write the CFE

Over 13 intensive modules, you’ll learn the precise steps you need to conquer the CFE and start your career. Whether it’s your first time or you have been unsuccessful before, this system will give you everything you need to be ready when it’s game time. 

“The CFE Guru helped me develop the tools and confidence needed to pass the UFE on my 4th and final attempt. Because of Narmin, my career has taken off and my life has changed for the better.”
Janis Furigay, CPA
CFE Exam – Passed 

What You Will Learn


  • The key skills on how to study for your technical for all 6 competency areas and what exactly to study
  • How to set up your study schedule so that you use your time efficiently and not waste time contemplating what to study and how to study it
  • How to ace your technical and build the confidence to score C’s and apply the technical to your written case responses.
  • Learn to efficiently manage time and master your time management skills in order to complete your response without being stressed or strapped for time
  • Learn to effectively write and pass all 3 days of the CFE
  • The key skills on how to read and plan/outline and strategize your written response for all 3 days of the CFE
  • Learn to mark and debrief your personal written responses and looking for weaknesses, noting why you didn’t score C’s in some areas
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses from case to case so you can learn what scored marks, what didn’t and create a plan to improve in the coming cases.
  • Learn how to effectively prepare Quantitative exhibits in excel
  • Learn the skills to write a Competent response in all 6 competency areas
  • Concentrate on what to study in order to achieve the most out of your time
  • A complete plan on what to do the months, weeks and days leading up to the CFE
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The CFE Guru Self-Study System includes over 15 hours of guided CFE prep

You’ll learn at your own pace over the following modules:

Module 1 – Where to Begin

Here we guide you on where to begin with studying technical and writing cases

• Preparing a study schedule
• Where to begin studying technical
• Resources available
• Case writing and where to begin

Module 2- What is the CFE

In this lecture, you are guided you through the 3 days of the CFE

• Understanding of all 3 days of the CFE
• How Day 1, 2 and 3 are marked on the CFE
• 4 levels of passing profile
• What is needed to pass at each level
• Depth and Breadth on the CFE
• Competencies and knowledge requirements

Module 3 – How to Pass Day 1 of the CFE

This lecture includes a deep dive into day 1 of the CFE

• Day 1 and connection between Capstone 1
• Integration of both
• How to write a Day 1 case and pass it
• The 4 summative assessments and how to write in each of these areas

gfe Guru Self Study Modules

Module 4 – How to pass Day 2 of the CFE

Lecture 4 is all about how to succeed on day 2 of the CFE

• How to approach a day 2 case
• Read, plan/outline and walkthrough of a day 2 CFE case
• Debrief of a day 2 case
• A demonstration of the “How to” is performed in this lecture
• You’ll be able to complete a read and plan, understand how to identify triggers and integrate case facts
• Depth on your Role, Financial Reporting and Management Accounting

Module 5 – How to Pass Day 3 of the CFE

Here we delve into the third day of the CFE

• Read, plan and walkthrough of a day 3 case
• Read, plan/outline and walkthrough of a day 3 CFE case
• Debrief of a day 3 case
• Identify triggers and integrate case facts
• Learn about Breadth and how it is achieved

Module 6 – How to Ace Technical

This lecture guides you through different strategies on how to study and ace technical for the 6 different technical competency areas and major topics to study

gfe Guru Self Study ModulesModules

Module 7 – How to Master Time Management

Lecture 7 is all about managing your time and how to stay ahead of the pack.

• Manage your study time for technical and cases
• Time management on case writing
• Time management strategies and how to be efficient

Module 8 – Studying and Debriefing

Lecture 8 guides you on different studying techniques and how to mark and debrief your written responses.

• Study efficiently and cover all your 6 competency areas for technical
• Study constraints and how to address them
• Debriefing and marking

Module 9 – How to Write a CFE Response

Here we go through many ways to structure your case written response.

• How to write the case and formats used
• Save time with strategies
• Build the confidence you need to conquer the CFE

Module 10 – Quantitative Analysis

This lecture is all about numbers.

• Tackle quants on all 3 days of the CFE
• Prepare and structure quantitative analysis.
• How to be efficient in preparing the quant analysis
• Formats in Excel

gfe Guru Self Study Modules

Module 11- What to do Weeks/Days Before the CFE

This lecture is all about execution on the final weeks and days leading into the CFE.

• Schedule and case writing expectations
• Stress and anxiety management
• Detailed guide on what to do weeks and days before and during the CFE

Module 12 – You Failed the CFE, Now What?

This lecture is not for all writers. But if you have been unsuccessful on your CFE journey, then this will give you some direction and guidance on how to pick yourself up and what to do.

Bonus Module: Read, Outline and Write a Case

Bonus lecture on how to execute on game day.

• Read, outline and write a case yourself
• Walkthrough and debrief a read, outline and write up
• Compare and mark your work done with Narmin

CFU Guru Self Study Modules

“Narmin was more than just a mentor, she was in my corner helping throughout every aspect of the CFE study process. Narmin has extensive understanding of both the technical and case writing, which allows her to break down and explain complex issues in a manner that I easily understood.

She gave me the confidence to attack complex CFE issues on the day of the exams, and there is no question, she was a huge contributor to my success. I would absolutely recommend her coaching and mentoring services to anyone serious about not just passing the CFE, but excelling at it.”

Claudio Cowdrey, CPA
CFE Exam – Passed

Meet Your CFE Coach

Narmin Multani - CFE Guru

Narmin Multani, CPA, CA
Founder, CFE Guru

My name is Narmin Multani. As the founder of CFE Guru, I’m going to help you prepare for the CFE exam so that you can achieve the profession of your dreams using the CFE Guru Self-Study System.

With over 14 years in the field, I have direct experience teaching, marking and preparing future CPAs for the most important exam of their career.

I have taught over 6,000 accounting students across Canada, consulted for the big four accounting firms, and lectured at the top educational institutions in Canada. I have been on all sides of the desk — as an exam student, a lecturer and a professional UFE/CFE marker. I have taught with CPA Ontario, authored PEP cases for CPA Quebec, marked the national CPA exam and prepared the PAR reports for unsuccessful candidates for CPA Canada. All this has allowed me to MASTER the CFE exam.

I know the precise steps you need to prepare for, and pass the exam and I share this exact knowledge with you in the CFE Guru Self-Study System.

After completing your Capstones and this unique system, you won’t need any additional coaching or guidance to pass the CFE.

What Makes the CFE Guru Self Study System SO different?

There’s no other system like this on the market. It covers ALL aspects of the exam and what is required to succeed — even areas that are often overlooked, such as stress management and what to do weeks and days leading up to the CFE: 

  • Focus on technical aspects, how to study, what to study and the importance of technical and how to tackle it when it comes up. 
  • Learn how to use formats to make your response more efficient and complete in a timely manner.
  • Emphasis on time management and how to complete CFE cases within the allocated time.
  • Detailed demonstration on how to read and outline a case from cradle to grave. Not just telling you what to do, but teaching you HOW to do it.
  • All content is carefully curated — we filtered out all the unnecessary fluff so that you learn what you need to know, while maximizing your study time.

“I hadn’t touched a single textbook or material since finishing my prerequisite courses in 2014. When I first approached Narmin in the middle of 2019, I was very nervous about my ability to clear the September 2019 CFE.

But to my delight upon joining and commencing her course my fears and stress started to go away. She has the gift of being able to explain the cases, the exams from your point of view as a student. Deciding to enrol in her CFE Prep course was the best decision I made and I guarantee anyone who trusts her and signs up for her course will be highly rewarded :)”

Firaas Ahmed, CPA
CFE Exam – Passed

Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates writing the CPA exam. First time and repeat writers.

Yes, absolutely. Simply follow the modules and my step-by-step plan. Self study at your own pace. Do everything I tell you to do including the strategies — that’s your recipe to passing the CFE.

No problem. You can jump start and make up for the lost time. Whatever you’ve done to study technical and write cases will count towards your study time. Make this a priority and as long as you’re 100% dedicated and committed and follow my plan, you will succeed.

Then this is the perfect system for you. I go over details such as stress management and anxiety management as part of the program, which will help especially if you are a repeat writer.

Writers have their unique strengths and weaknesses in writing cases and studying. By going through this program, we cover all the details that need attention to become successful on the CFE. You’ll be able to fix your weaknesses and learn new strategies to succeed and pass.

Yes, absolutely. I will not only tell you what to write, but teach you HOW to write it and what the CFE marker is looking for.

Yes, I go over the strategies on how to pass all 3 days of the CFE. You will also be learning in detail how to complete a read and plan for both days 2 and day 3. A thorough walkthrough is done together.

You can start anytime!

There are no other related costs, except for your enrollment costs for the CPA Exam directly paid to CPA Canada.

You will have one full year from the date or registration to access the content.

No problem. I purposely designed this system for ease of use.

There are no refunds because once a module has been accessed, you’ve benefited. Please think about the program before you decide to purchase and ensure you are ready to commit and get closer to launching your career as a CPA.

It’s No Secret That …

Showing up to your CFE exam unprepared puts you at risk of waiting several months to retake the exam — putting your career, family/social life, and earning power on hold again.

The CFE Guru Self-Study System ensures that you are ready for your exam, and your accounting career.

Discover the techniques that have helped over 6,000 students pass to date.

Yes! I’m Ready to Take Action and Pass the CFE

CFE Guru – Basic Self Study
A Jump Start to Set You Up for Progress
12 Modules + Bonus Module
Over 15 hours of CFE training
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CFE Guru – Self Study Plus
Self Study Plus One-on-One & Case Marking
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Over 15 hours of CFE training
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License good for one year from date of purchase.
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