CFE Prep Drills

Focusing on specific competency weaknesses, I will work with you on shorter case drills to ensure you are finding the issues and writing them concisely, quickly and confidently. These drills allow us to hone in on individual issues and not attacking them all at once. By concentrating on building skills one at a time, we avoid getting overwhelmed by the many changes that you may need to be make in reading, analyzing and writing issues. One by one we tackle each area and we strengthen the competencies and areas where you are already doing well.

Common Types of Drills:

  • Writing individual accounting, assurance or other competency issue and focusing your attention and energy on writing and debriefing the singular issue well
  • Identifying case facts and issues within a case quickly and confidently
  • Outlining styles and tips on both large and small cases
  • Specific focus on particular accounting, assurance, tax handbook/Act sections
  • Writing style – learning to write and respond to cases quickly, concisely and in the manner that will result in a competent response

… and many more.

Based on your personalized plan and assessment I will make sure that we are not wasting time and that your drills are catered to your specific areas of focus.