The CFE Readiness Interview

I keep saying that you are not just a candidate number to me and this is my first opportunity to prove it.

I get to know you and your unique situation, strengths and opportunities. Through this interview I can create your personal learning plan that will work with your schedule and skills to optimize your chance of success. We spend as much time as needed to do an initial diagnosis of your strengths and weaknesses and then to understanding your weak areas better. This is done one on one so that I can better understand and get to know you. Through the process I get to know your personality which helps me figure out any road blocks you are having in the studying process.

Some things to think about before your interview:

  • Your educational background – how well did you do in your courses, which ones went well and which went poorly and why?
  • The support you get for the CFE – are you part of a “Big 4” firm with lots of support or on another path with a less defined support system?
  • How do you feel about exams in general – are you the type that gets very stressed out and nervous or the type that’s too confident and easy going?
  • What kind of support do you have from friends and family?
  • How do you like to study – are you the type to wait until the last minute or do you need a plan way ahead of time?
  • Why is the CPA important to you?
  • What are your strongest and weakest competency areas and why?


A quick initial assessment of your situation is open to everybody and complimentary. I’m confident that after our initial discussion you will know whether the CFE Guru CFE prep program is the right one for you or not. Get in touch today!