The CFE Guru PASS Gurantee!

The good news is that the vast majority of candidates that I have worked with passed the CFE. The bad news is that naturally there are some that for one reason or another do not. There have been a few candidates that were ready but had a few bad days which resulted in an unsuccessful attempt. There are other candidates whose nerves got to them on exam day and they got overwhelmed. It happens and I’m very sensitive to how difficult the situation is and how important the CPA is to you.

What’s important to me is that I don’t abandon my candidates. I am so confident that you will pass working with me that I am offering a pass guarantee.

The CFE Guru Pass Guarantee: If you do not pass the CFE in 2017, I am happy to do a PAR review for you to provide feedback on why you didn’t successfully complete this CFE and you will automatically be re-enrolled in the 2018 course. All absolutely free and included with your 2017 fees.

I hope that this offering gives you some additional comfort in writing the 2017 CFE and demonstrates why the CFE Guru prep program is not your average CFE prep program.