A Personalized CFE Learning Plan

You are not just a candidate number so why study like one? Every candidate I work with gets a personalized learning plan that’s focused on you. As part of the CFE Readiness Interview I will spend time with you to understand what your weaknesses are and help you through the learning process. If you are not improving, I will suggest drills and develop an action plan to fix your personal weaknesses and we don’t stop or give up until the issues are resolved.

Here’s some of the benefits to a personalized learning plan as part of your CFE prep:

  • Focuses your time and energy on improving your weakest areas to where they need to be quickly, this is especially important if study time is not readily available for you
  • You can set the pace – some of us need a fast paced study schedule while others a more gradual one
  • Plan your cases in a manner that tackles your weaknesses first and then builds your strengths for an overall strong CFE approach
  • Takes into consideration your personal and professional circumstances
  • A lot of people say that a personalized learning plan builds higher engagement and ownership in the study process
  • Gives you the ability to plan out your studies including flexibility for time off when feeling burnout
  • Helps to ensure you are at your peak when writing the actual CFE rather than tired or burned out


Above all, a personalized plan will ensure that your CFE study period is manageable and that you write the CFE confidently.