Plenty of Marking for your CFE cases

You’ll have plenty of your CFE cases professionally marked with thorough feedback to help you achieve CFE success when your write in September. I go far above the minimum in my feedback and provide you a “how to” achieve the breadth, depth and integration required in the case. I don’t just give you a solution and marking guide but provide enough feedback to move you up to a competent response.

I’ve marked the UFE (the CFE predecessor) in the past and I’m familiar with what a marker is looking for. Not only that, but I’ve been marking the UFE/CFE for ten years and counting and have seen hundreds of cases from all skill levels.

Marked responses will provide you with:

  • An in-depth understanding of why you scored the way you did
  • What was missed in your response that would have resulted in a competent response
  • Information about how many issues or topics needed to be addressed for an RC or C response
  • Stylistic feedback to help your write more quickly and concisely


…and other advice and tips I’ve observed from how other candidates write the same cases. I’m happy to share examples of feedback I offer to convince you that it’s some of the best case marking out there!