Who is the CFE Guru?



Who is the CFE Guru?

For almost 2 decades, Narmin Multani (the CFE Guru) has helped thousands of CPA candidates achieve their goals of passing the CFE — with less stress.

Narmin is the founder of CFEGURU.com and has been titled “the CFE guru” for her inspiring ways of getting maximum impact to CPA students across Canada. Her attention to each student is unparalleled in an industry full of cookie-cutter solutions.

Narmin is a CPA (2005) and currently lectures at York University in Toronto, and has previously taught at Concordia University in the John Molson School of Business. She is an expert in everything related to the CFE.

Before the CFE

Narmin began her education at Concordia University in the John Molson School of Business where she received her BComm in Accountancy, Graduate Diploma in Accounting and later her CPA designation.

During this time, she took a major interest in educating others. Instructors would often tell her that she would be a great educator. After becoming a CPA in 2005 she took this advice seriously and started marking the UFE and preparing PAR Analysis’ (for unsuccessful writers) for CPA Canada. She began teaching seminars for the School of Accountancy with CPA Ontario where she started to see the light on how to properly train students to pass the UFE and now the CFE. Narmin has also authored CPA PEP cases for CPA Quebec.

Who is the CFE Guru?

Educating CFE Students with Purpose and Experience

Providing a personal touch to instruction is what sets Narmin apart. Years of working with private CFE groups, coaching, and counseling at various firms, and personal mentorship have led Narmin to love what she does in helping students pass the CFE.

All of her professional and educational experience cleared the path for Narmin to become “the CFE Guru.”

A gaping hole in the industry plus an inspiration to teach have now led to thousands of students being educated and understanding the CFE. They now walk into the CFE with confidence because of the educated teachings of Narmin.


Your success is my success.

Narmin Multani

The CFE Guru

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