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Hi, my name is Narmin Multani.

Narmin Multani - CFE GuruAfter achieving my CPA, CA designation in Montréal, Québec in 2005, I immediately had the opportunity to launch my career as a lecturer with Concordia University in the John Molson School of Business. I initially began by teaching in the undergraduate accountancy discipline and have since branched off into other areas with Concordia University.

Where I come from and why I work with CPA candidates

Helping students achieve their CPA designation is a passion of mine. I truly believe in giving back and helping students accomplish their goals. I take great pleasure in everything that I have been and currently am involved with, from the CFE to the various teaching professions I am a part of. My satisfaction comes from seeing my students succeed in reaching their goals.

Why I’m trusted to teach hundreds of future CPAs

Before the CFE came around I had been extensively involved with the UFE and School of Accountancy (Ontario) process for quite some time. This includes having marked the UFE and having prepared PAR analysis (for unsuccessful writers) for CPA Canada. I have also taught as a seminar leader for several years in the School of Accountancy with CPA Ontario. During this time I have been able to appreciate all the issues that students are faced with throughout the entire UFE/CFE process. With this critical information and deep insight, I was able to develop a systematic approach to overcome all concerns that arise throughout the entire CFE prep process, as well as create an unwavering drive in my students to successfully achieve their CPA designation. I believe this systematic approach is the best CFE prep out there.

Currently, I lecture at York University teaching all levels of accounting courses, including case courses that prepare students for the CFE/CPA exams.
In addition to formal university class lecturing, I also conduct private CFE prep, coaching and counselling at various CPA firms for both first time and experienced writers. I have worked with numerous experienced writers and helped them succeed on the CFE.

Through this and other more personal interactions with CPA hopefuls, I have been able to develop a strategic program that works when combined with some personalized guidance. These intensive sessions are geared towards both new and experienced CFE writers. Furthermore, I am an active instructor with the PASS prep program, again working with new and experienced CFE writers.

Professional marking has been and continues to be a fundamental aspect in regards to the various services I perform. Having marked the CPA Canada professional exams and becoming exceptionally in-tune with all the strengths and weaknesses of candidates throughout the years has enabled me to develop and fine-tune a system that will ensure a successful CFE experience.

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